Sistine Curates A Show

From Christine:
So here are my thoughts on your show-to-be.

I tend to like your photos where you look at the world in a different way (rather than straight-on, even though I like those too) because not everyone can do that. So your abstracts rise to the top when I look for photos to group. Ones that are a little trippy, but are still under control (in other words, are thoughtful/careful, where you know what you’re shooting, rather than coincidental, where something f’s up and it just looks neat). I don’t think I’ve seen all your photos but here are a few that could see a group/show:

My favorite is the one that looks like tea leaves at the bottom of a glass. Color and blur are great – this could be a really cool series where you do a bunch of different substances. You could even call it “Substances”.

You’d think shadows are trite, but you seem to play with them really well, I think because you’re such a participatory photographer. Next time you see a good shadow shot, play with it for a while. Have fun with it. Your sense of humor transforms it from trite to funny and interesting.

These don’t go together as a group, but the one of Bren is BRILLIANT and should be huge and framed somewhere, just because.

Close Up
You fixate on things in a neat way. It shows in these photos. Normal people (I’m told) don’t focus on this stuff. I do, and I know how rare and fascinating it is to notice something in this way.

Still Lives
You catch a lot of things up close in a neat way. Some are more “Ty” than others. You shoot natural things really well, but the trippy stuff seems to differentiate you more.