End of Fawning Fanboydom

Achewood just got way too big:

Time magazine's #1


I mean I've been watching Achewood grow and mainstream for a long, slow while [yes, "mainstream" the verb], but this is probably past where I can still say I'm a fanboy; pushing product like crack on them corners. I've contributed lots of money (via merch sales), I've had meaningful conversations with Mr. Onstad, and I've nicknamed my firstborn "Ray Smuckles."

But, we may have to depart bittersweet...into the ether. Just ask RHCP, Apple, VW, and Salon. I'm so over them all (and got "out" before it got "popular"). I'm still involved with these folks, but I'm not pushing their product.

Congratulations Chris and family and cast. I wish you nothing but continued success and plenty of sweet, sweet money. I'll still be in the audience though (wearing my early merch like authentic Led Zeppelin Tour '77 black tees). It's just...too many people know now. Like Vice magazine/VBS. Like Pitchfork. Like Zefrank. Remember The Onion? You're just too "cool" now. And, that's just not me. I love you and I'm proud of you, Achewood.

It's not you, Chris. It's me. I've cred to maintain. No, really, I'm happy for you. I'll call...when you're post-cool/post-hip. See ya' on the down-slope.

[Oh, and sorry but I had to remove you from the LINKS nav]