More LinkedIn

[I've just been instructed to change the picture]

OK. The LinkedIn told me this morning that it had a secret surprise for me.

I said, "Cool! Thank you, LinkedIn. What is it?"

LinkedIn said, "I checked your address book on your computer. I know, I didn't really mean to pry, but us computers stick together, you know?"

"Wow," I offered. LinkedIn knows everything.

So, there you have it. The computers are banding together and taking over the universe.

But, I love it. I think LinkedIn could/should be the next big thing. If LinkedIn were smart, they'd let you upload videos, music, etc. Most of the stuff Facebook and Myspace does, but in a cleaner, more mature manner. It could basically be Myspace for people with mortgages. Facebook for adults.

I mean they want to capture the whole "professional" thing, but hell, what is professional anymore? People do many more things than they list as their job.

I can make money doing a lot of things, but I'm also a professional ("professional") artist in a couple fields. I have a past, I have a present, I have a future.