Mother's Day

So, I've finally started to work my list down a bit.

What list? At one point, I personally knew six pregnant women (with seven babies - none mine I believe your honor). C'mon, that's like everyone. But, since Laura (boy, Joe) and now Jessica (boy, Landon) have now had theirs, I'm working it off...some. I'm now at five women and six babies (yeah, I added one somewhere). Humans!

So, to all the baby mamas out there and the baby mamas to be, the Bren and the Big Daddio give out some "big ups, yos!" Yeeeah! Peace! Love! And, yous all our procreating beeoches!

[And, yeah, I did just turn Mother's Day around to be somehow about me. I have a "weird charisma" like that]