Upstairs (in the Attic)

Yes, there has been some attic time indeed.

What gives? Nothing in particular. Just, literally, in the attic and found an old computer (tangerine Apple iMac with a busted monitor) and decided to see what was on it. Well, found some images and other good stuff. That's what the "Looking Around the Attic" jive was all about.

But, most interestingly I found the original text to 1996's epic, "Morphic Resonance: The Journey of Unintended Consequences." Oh shit! Here's a coupla hits:

"That night we bedded down where the bonfire light met the pitch black of the forest. I slept well, but awoke when I felt that I had forgetten to wind the clock. I knew I had, but felt that I didn't. I could tell that something was definitely amiss. As I was walking back from the van (after winding the clock) I peered as deep as I could into the forest. Everyone else was sound asleep, but I was somehow drawn to the forest. What was it the old man said? Mystic forces? My ass. What was it about the forest?"

"As I followed them with my eyes [these are bats I'm referring to] and grew more accustomed to the dark, I noticed that many of the tree limbs in the immediate area were pruned and that these spikes were were nailed into the pruned area. Who would hammer a spike into the newly pruned wound of a tree? Why were these spikes, apparently hand-made giant nails hammered in pairs? As the uniformity and quantity of the nails struck me, I was suddenly and keenly aware that I shouldn't have been in that spot. I turned to run back to camp and stumbled to the forest floor."
Ha-ha! This is some deep shit. Uh-oh! Better wind the motherfucking clock or the bats'll get your ass!

It's actually a pretty good story, but given the format loses and such, it is in need of some editing. I'll post it soon.

But, yeah, that's what's up with all the attic talk. It's literal and figurative.