Denver? - Update

Denver? What gives with Denver? If you're trying to win the West, try LA or even Vegas. Yes, the Democratic National Convention in Las Vegas.

But, Denver? Who gives a rat's ass about Denver. How neutral, vanilla, boring is Denver? Only St. Paul is worse. St. Paul? How about Whitewater, Wisconsin?

Sure, New York is old news. Nobody could do another convention in New York without serious ridicule. Philadelphia? Yawn. DC would have been balls, for sure.

But, the ONLY choice for the 2008 DNC National Convention could have been New Orleans. Duh and double duh. I even suggested it in the little "Your Comments Are Important" box outside the DNC building on South Capitol street, S.E.

Symbolic of the failures of the current administration and the emotional symbol for hope, resurrection, and the future and all that shit.

Denver? Omlette!


Just found this on Wonkette:

Howard Dean Doesn't Care About Black People: DNC Picks Denver

Denver gets the 2008 Democratic Convention. Hooray for mountain oysters!

The Dems had three cities on the Short List: New York, New Orleans and the alleged Mile High City. Bloomberg didn’t want the mess in his town and New Orleans would’ve been a savagely symbolic choice that combined rhetoric (Bush drowned the city; we’ll dig it out) with the very real impact of spending tens of millions on the city to get in shape for big conventions again.

So much for making a bold, moral and politically brilliant move … they’re Democrats, after all!


Breaking: Dean Chooses Denver