Assignment 2007 - Part I

In the Inbox - 12.28.06
"A recent, long over due listening to NWA made me realize that they may have had a larger influence on your craft than I had previously given them credit for (particularly LA Black/Judge Brennan). Which lead me to begin to wonder about who your influences are, or, more specifically, what songs were the greatest influence to you pre-tKoL.

I've pretty much tracked your musical preferences from a few years pre-tKoL to present day. And I could probably name several of the early influences (e.g. Miles Davis, Steve Wonder, Frank Zappa), but I really don't know the whole story.

Your assignment for 2007, should you choose to accept it, is to provide me with approximately 3 mix CDs of music that was influential to your craft. Organize it and annotate it however you like (chronologically, by genre, by artist, whathaveyou). You can send them all at once or spread them out over the entire year.

Assignment accepted.