Priceless Banter: The Kingdom of Leisure Show

It's a podcast featuring Rich, Ty and Dave the producer, stay tuned...seriously.

From the desk of Dave the producer:
"Is this something people listen to live, or is it prerecorded? What's the format and length? Is it centered around music, or you two talking live or more of an edited thing?"
Shit Dave! This is why you're the producer. You think we have any answers? Half-hour shows, weekly or periodically. Talk, music, interviews, contests. You know, the Merv Griffin show.
I don't know the best case would be if you two were in the same room (or on the corner), Rich with his guitar and harmonica, Ty with his drums, just chatting, and sometimes the chat kinda flows in to one of your songs or just free form playing, intermixed with "hey, lets give X a call."

If you can do that over the phone, that would be great - maybe have your instruments miced (how do you spell miced anyway?) in to the phone somehow."
Dave, you are the worst producer ever. Corner? We live 3,000 miles apart and you're in Florida. What corner...the corner of Arkansas and Oklahoma? Do we have to do everything? Skype and Encamm recorder. We can have instruments going into the computer, or whatever. Dang, man! Then we can call or whatever. We'll get you and Chuck and others to submit music. Go back to producing school, dude.