Unemployment Diary - Paint

Today was:

Bribe garbage crew to take 20 bags of spring cleaning refuse (previous post references this blitz cleaning of yesterday).

Help garbage crew with bags ($250 for hauling crew to take stuff away, $5 to assist garbage crew).

Child to school.

Drop off dry cleaning and shirts at laundry.

Pick up paint, sanding block, brush, high quality paint and AAA batteries for the child's LeapPad (tm).

Sand, steel wool, brush, paint newly rebuilt back railing.

Set up appointment for iron/fence specialists to come and give estimate for front railing (to Kentlands specifications, of course).

Install batteries in said LeapPad (tm).

Do load of laundry.


Pump The Roots "Prenology" discover left speaker blown (15+ year old Boston Acoustics). Dammit! But, it sounds pretty good with the thumpin' bass.

Oh, hello, guitar! Hello camera. Hello creativity.