Air Poetry

I Have Been in The Attic Again

After looking around in the attic for a bit
And at all the gifts of the future
Decisions remain unresolved
Answers to questions that shape lives
Might prove far too difficult in the end

Worse by far
Is the pain we create for ourselves
Than that inflicted
By knocks or falls or collisions into things

We have become our own most feared predator
And cannot help our own torment
Or that in which we inflict upon others
Often those most close

Alas it has come the time to
Deliberately and diligently
Shift direction and change course [yawn] again
Towards projects happy for all [hurray]

Perhaps we can build ladders
Or hot air balloons or
Something to rescue us from our
Dank lonely pits

Like Angels

Like angels or some sort of cadre of full-grown lady-elves
Helpful and caring for whim necessity and desire

Break down to rebuild
Deconstruct to reconstruct
Stop to start
Die to live

Our miseries are trivial in context(s) wide
Selfish hoarding of feelings good
While holding most humans at - at least - arm's length
God's absence only exacerbates our solitude

One of each
Something and more for all
They lock the doors and steep the tea

But not before I surrender to their modest query
Will it be dinner tonight or only dessert?

Mutual Act Appreciation Day

And the arts are good out west, I report
And they were all asking: what will your next project be?
As the number one question, the answers were wholly insufficient
For them - for me

Perhaps the better question would have been - once we stripped away the unessentials:

What have we?


What are we?


Who are we?

Or, just


Like a cat on its seventh life
(and without intention of getting into a "heaven")
Perhaps the defenses should activate more acutely
Else the carelessness in which we choose
Becomes our ultimate choice

The Fragile World of The People Who Make The Art (and, the people who love them)

As relieving as it is for the tribe to care for you for a few days
It is equally or more frightening to return to caring for yourself

To our realities and responsibilities
(Even our most idolized citizens must visit the toilet on occasion)

If reinvigoration does not reinvigorate or resetting does not reset
Then the changes are permanent and the grind can become intolerable

Sometimes when the actual tears dry the internal sobbing only begins
Leading becomes following again