That Time Again

That time is here when you know. At least you "feel."

There's nothing left to do to this record. It's done. But, you're never sure. I could add some sort of people-cussing-in-Korean kind of thing here, or some sort of modified-modified effect there. But, would that be too much? Is is right?

You just gotta know when it's done. You can hear when it's right.

Whew. I don't feel as drained as last time, but maybe this last push (from 98 to 100%) will be the killer. I don't think it will.

Now what? Cover art? Whatever, no one ever cares as much as you do (just enough to get into their iTunes and iPod; easy enough). Text? Why explain everything and that's never been my style... Packaging? Who the fuck cares? Wrap it in Saran wrap, whatever.

But, what if it sucks? That's the chance we take. This is what we do and this is how we do it. Don't like it? It's a big world, go listen to something else.