Libertarian Update - UPDATE

So, I'm supposed to be happy/grateful for the government to look into my car without cause and to contact me about what they observe?

Uninvited, the authorities or those deputized by the authorities will look into my formerly private-like spaces and, working against a list they've created, inform me of what could become a problem for me. Huh?
Montgomery County Police Employ Post Card Initiative for Theft from Vehicle Prevention

On Veteran’s Day they monitored approximately 500 cars and found approximately 300 had items visible. These items included: iPods, purses, money, cell phones, brief cases, and portable Global Positioning Systems.

The owners of these vehicles will receive a post card to provide the date the vehicle was observed, a description of vehicle, and where it was seen. The items that were visible will be checked from a list of possible items that may be left in a vehicle. The postcard ends with the following message: “In an effort to reduce the thefts from automobiles, the Montgomery County Police Department is asking that in the future, you please secure your personal property out of sight in the glove compartment, console, or trunk.”
Question #1: What sort of database will my vehicle information (place observed, items observed, time observed) be stored in?

Question #2: How long will this information reside in government database?

Question #3: Who has access to this database?

Question #4: Can citizens opt out of said program?

Question #5: If I report a property crime, will the authorities lecture or refuse to service based on "you were warned" criteria?

Question #6: Is this constitutional?




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