Cliché (Song of the Year®)

Jerry Hsu
© 2007 tKoL, of course


It's a song about how Jerry Hsu saves the world from alien invasion at the 2012 Beijing Olympics. You know, total cliche.

Jerry Hsu
Baby where are you
How does your mother feel about
what you do
and all of your relatives
remembered in furniture
this was your uncles
this was your grandfathers
way back in China
but all that's behind ya
most of them died there
but what now should you care?

one board
two trucks
four wheels
ride jerry ride

in 2012 when the Martians and elves
united in forces and rode in on horses
to the Beijing Olympics the sky full of space ships
Announcing their mission and demanding submission

We mortals all cowered to their outer space powers
They burned all the soil and took all the oil
And moved us to grottoes underground spots of
Toil and oppression forced written confessions

Denouncing our species knee deep in feces
Lit fires in patterns to our allies on Saturn
We needed a messenger a pony expressenger
We needed a hero with no cause for fear oh

Jerry Hsu
Baby where are you
Come save us now
From Martian doom

one board
two trucks
four wheels
ride jerry ride

This whole things should be a lyric.
At the end say "Wait! Listen to this guitar!"