Ask Ty...December 11

Q: Why are so many white people running around shooting other white people in America? Malls, churches, wherever. Aren't there enough deer this fall? White people are fucked up. In a rambling diatribe against who knows what a few months ago, I commented to my wife that there would be a time when we wished we weren't white.

- Danny in Massachusetts

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Dan. This fall? No, Danny. It's not just this fall....

Yes, white on white crime is a way of life here in America. Whether it's blowing shit up (Oklahoma City) or the standard shoot-up-crowded-public-places variety, white men (in particular) love to kill. White men are in an historical quest to be the best-est killers ever. Shoot a deer, quail, or buffalo? Whatever. Shoot up a school/mall/church and then you're historic.

Dude. If I had a dollar for every time I wished (in particular situations) that I were white (or looked white and male in order to get perceived respect or to optimize situations), I'd have a million dollars and would for all intents and purposes be white (it's a money thing).

Don't hate yourself for being born into pole position. Enjoy your male whiteness (I would) and use your powers for good. Because you can. You have that option.

Oh, and some whites (men in particular) like to kill blacks too. It's just a thing. Human males (in particular) have a killing thing. Women aren't necessarily like that. Oh, and the Native American peoples...uh...Chinese and Japanese...uh, yeah.

And remember, culturally, we're way over the whole black-on-black crime thing so when a mall gets shot up it certainly trumps the old-school drive-by. With a dwindling black population, that doesn't make "news" because it's a dead marketing demographic. No money in it.

But, yeah. Just a guess.