The Wiggles


Hi, I am Ty. And I love the Wiggles.

I know, some of you have heard it before. But last night the Bren and I actually went to a show at Verizon Center. It was our first live Wiggles experience. Rocked too!

Damn awesome show. I can be such a fawning fanboy sometimes. I almost wrote the following phrase, "I don't know who had a better time, me or her." But, I actually do know. It was me! I loved every moment and every thing about it. When Murry busted out Stairway to Heaven I could have been in heaven. And, that whole Quack-a-doodle thing with Anthony and Captain Feathersword...well, you could have blown me down!

Even bootlegged some pics:

I rule and you know it.