The Thrill is Gone

I received this note this morning from the dearest of friends. It's not that he was trying to convince me of any nuances here, but he--bless him--just needed to say it. And I couldn't resist the temptation to annotate (anoint?).

Why? Because his statement is so true, and sometimes the truth is frustrating (but will set you free). Here's the note:
I'm so over other people's babies. It was cool when you had one. It was cool when ****** had one. It was cool then people had them five years ago. It was even cool as late as two years ago.

But that's over now. Another baby? Ho hum. Whatever. It's not getting Christmas presents from me. I already have enough "niece's" and "nephews."

I wonder how much I can fuck up ******'s new kid by only sending gifts to his older sibling?

Anyhow. I'm over it.

Ha! We're all becoming grumpy assed libertarian athiest old dudes. So?!