Is It Worth It?

I mean it's not like they're giving me that much money. The shit I have to put up with...can you even believe it? Check this:
Mr. Hardaway,

As an addendum to our previous correspondence (and per your request), I hereby reiterate that, as per your ten (10) year "blog" (Web log) contract with Middlespace Industries of America ™ (patent pending), your yearly percentile increase average of 1.85% (as stated in section XXIV paragraph 21 of revision III of your signed and executed contract) breaks down as follows:

2007 – (already reviewed in correspondence #621)
2008 – 1,383 – Blog (Web log) entries – (3.789 daily ave. positions)
2009 – 2,558 – Blog (Web log) entries – (7.008 DAP)
2010 – 4,732 – Blog (Web log) entries – (12.964 DAP)
2011 – 8,755 – Blog (Web log) entries – (23.986 DAP)
2012 – 16,196 – Blog (Web log) entries – (44.372 DAP)

As usual, we expect a full summery outline of the next fiscal year's entries, including a listing of proposed .png (“ping”), .gif (“gif” or “jif”), or .jpg (“jay-peg”) files you intend to use, for management review and Corporate approval.

As a reminder, the so-called "political" commentary has been subject to management review. We ask that you refrain from "politics" until your content review on December 15 (rescheduled given the December 11 holiday).

Best regards to you and yours this Holiday season,

Juan Sinclare Phillipe
Operations Manager,
**Sigh** Oh, and according to "the man" it's officially the "holiday season." Give me a break.