Some feedback:
"I too am becoming a libertarian kook.

What is happening that I have to depend on a REPUBLICAN candidate for president to say the things that need to be said? Oh right, Republicans are the only ones with any sack between their legs.

Nader was wrong. Democrats and Republicans are identical in all ways except Republicans have balls.

Fuck Libertarians. I'm becoming a Republican."
So true. The plan should be as follows:

We take over the Republican party as the New Republicans (GNP - Grand New Party, the Oyster party, shucks!). Let Democrats cry themselves to bed. But, we use the organization and toughness of the Repubs to further America. A responsible worldwide leader. Some planks:
  • Pro-environment (uh, we gotta live here)
  • Low-tax
  • Moderate business (let 'em beg their way in, tax 'em!)
  • Pro-truth
  • Anti-war
  • Gang mentality toughness
  • Anti-torture
  • Pro-world
  • Pro-data
  • Big tent (except for bigots, homophobes, and dumbasses)
  • Pro-separation (of church and state - in fact, tax the churches)
  • Pro-choice
  • Pro-science/pro-data
  • Pro-education
  • Anti-pandering (to business, religion, or bleeding hearts)
Riddle me this: Would Vlad Putin be a democrat or a republican? [I'm so libertarian I read Reason magazine (and am critical about 90% of that). See this week's interview with Matt Taibbi in Reason.] Believe nothing, think for yourselves, people!

"When we're talkin' 'bout oysters, we're not talkin' 'bout pearls...
we're talkin' 'bout taking over the world."

"Wher're all the kids in the street?"