Bringing the A-Game

It's true. It's way too easy to lazily stumble through sub-A material day-in and day-out. Maybe to get laughs from the cool and not-cool kids. We set up spike after spike to keep 'em in play. It's like yo-yo'ing. Sucker punches and sucker pitches.

It's perfectly fine to be too smart. It's OK to be the fastest to the draw.

But, it's time. I declare it with all the vigor of, say, a Sam Eig at war with silverbacks.

It is time to bring heat. I declare the commencement of the all A-game all the time era. It's not a dame game either. It's not a season to play. It's a lifestyle. It's future-gifting legacy at work. It's solidifying legend.

What other choices are there, anyhow?