"The most common thing I see people saying on message boards and Internet blogs is, "I showed it to my friends and they hated it. They don't get it, but I love it." So, you know… I don't want to call it an acquired taste, but Achewood has to catch you at the right moment."

"Oh, I've gone through periods where I've totally lost perspective on life. I've gone through mini-Brian Wilson periods, where I won't answer the phone for like weeks at a time. Just afraid of the world, or so focused on what I'm doing that I get superstitious and I won't leave the house. It's dangerous to work by yourself, in your house, alone."

We were only capable of doing it because we were financially stable before I started. I got laid off and I got a severance package, and I started doing this, and pretty soon we started selling merchandise."

- Onstad
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