Meg Dream

Here's what I remember from my dreaming last night:
I was in an office. My office. My new office. Boxes to be unpacked still. Office across from the men's room.

I remember using the urinal at some point (always dangerous when dreaming). Some underling asking of he can work late or something. I saw my reflection and I wore a suit. I halso had some lightweight body armor -- you know in case I get shot at.

On one hand I remember being a little out of sorts while still feeling my way around the New Situation of office life. On the other, I recall mourning the death of my arts career.

At some point I was in my office when my client Meg White (of the White Stripes) visited. Everything was normal I suppose until I realized that I was trying to impress Meg White. You know, "Uh, I play drums too, you know?" And all hoping she'd ask me more about my music and such.
Then I woke up because I had compressed a nerve so severely that my arm was dead from shoulder down. It seems everything's dying in July.

Meg White, WTF?