Feedback: FMS

  • You really out-did yourself this time.
  • It’s amazing. So many magic moments. And 47 seconds that blasts you right into outer space.
  • The first listen I was lost. Like anything good on the first listen. I didn't understand Physical Graffiti or Bach's Musical Offerings the first few times through either. At first it was chaos. But of course it's not chaos. The thing about the human brain is it can really only concentrate on one thing at a time. The first few listens my mind didn't know what to concentrate on. Track 2, there's someone speaking. So of course I'm trying to understand what he's saying. Then there's guitar. Didn’t really even notice or pay attention to it at first. But it's great. And after a few listens, and the mind as had a chance to hear everything individually (like trying to understand a 6 part fugue), it can be taken in as a whole. And you got to feel the whole, all the way around, so you know what you're dealing with, right?
  • …and I don't even know where I am in the piece, lost, don't know even what track I'm on, but it ends and my eyes open, I let out a laugh of joy, and say "Shit. I hope there's more."
  • Mr. Weem's may be the instant classic, but Rain's Blues is the masterpiece. Very Ween/Big Dafe Wafe. I hope the next trilogy is full of Rain's Blues.
  • The end of Freak Smellish, that's what does the launching. And then Rain's Blues brings you back down. Guitar more as a percussion instrument? Genius.
  • This entire thing is so full of joy and light. And if making someone feel bad for not doing anything with their own life is inspiration, then that's what it is.
  • Definitely a set-up track, and intro, definitely not arrogant. This is what a set-up track means to me. Getting comfortable. Are the headphones on right? Is the pillow in the right place? Maybe I won't use a pillow, I'll just lie flat. Wait, it's a little too loud, too quiet. Shit, this cord's in the way. OK, everything's good now. And at around three minutes, guess what's just kicking in? All ready for the show now.
  • 1) The first HEARING; 2) Took the afternoon off; 3) Rain's Blues is GENIUS BRILLIANT.