A Sympathetic Story

"There was a guy at my last job, basically just out of college. He gave me a video he made to watch that he made for a class. I watched it once, wasn't very good (I mean, was very bad), couldn't really hear most of the poorly recorded dialog. I talked to him about it, he explained it a little, and I watched the entire painful 90 minutes again, with headphones, to see what I missed. Still horrible. But I gave it the best chance I could.

Then I give him the MTNOT CD, thinking maybe he'd appreciate it. I ask, "Do you have some good headphones at home?" "Oh, sure!" he says. Then I remind him again when I give it to him "make sure to use headphones - half of the stuff is too subtle to hear otherwise, and the thing with the tones is just noise without them." He assures me he'll use headphones. Then a few days later he's talking about it and says "I think I know what you were trying to do, but I don't think it quite worked." I said, "What did you think about the Blue Velvet track?" (knowing that is one of his favorite movies). He says, "Which one was that?" I say "Did you use headphones?" He says, "No, I listened in the car on the way home from work.

The car. please."