Avast Ye Matey

So, the Rolling Stone 40th anniversary issue just came out. I just got it because, yep, I get Rolling Stone (some "free" subscription because of some interwebs thing).

This is part one of three or four anniversary issues, I believe.

Two things:

1) There are 20 feature interviews in this issue. Interviews with the most significant people from the music, film, and political worlds. Everyone from Jimmy Carter to Paul McCartney; Patti Smith to Tom Wolfe. Ringo Starr's in it (he was a The Beatles remember?).

What's striking about the 20, given how popular entertainment has shaped up since 1967, all 20 are white. Striking! No black people. Sure, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix are dead. Nobody likes Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. But, gee, Chuck D or Sly Stone were, what, busy? Michael Jordan? What about Cornell West? Brock O'Baughma? Oprah? Muhammad Ali? It's Rolling Stone for heaven sake, how about Michael Jackson? WTF? The Minister Louis Farrakhan. Somebody. Halle Berry for christ sake.

Maybe the next issue will be the famous blacks (second class again). Followed by the most famous pets or some shit.

2) Speaking of the interviews. I was reading the Keith Richards interview and the kid looks over my shoulder and says, "That man is smoking! Is he a pirate?"

Yes, actually. Keith Richards is a pirate. What else could I say?