This Ain't Me

You Ain't No Ty! Baller? Jesus, who calls themselves "baller" anymore? Baller went out with MySpace, dude.
"Ben Chijioke aka Ty is one of UK Black music’s true innovators and popularisers. And with his third album, “Closer,” this critically-acclaimed MC and producer is set to hit the mainstream."
Hey, why did Ben Chijioke take the name, "Ty?" What the fuck? That's MY name, bitch. Who is this poser?

Oh, and the PR crap:
"Ty’s strength of mind is legendary."
Do what?
"Ty has long been involved in the spoken word/poetry scene, as well as running workshops in schools and beyond since his pivotal involvement in the mid-90s Ghetto Grammar organisation."
That's just embarrassing, dude.

Oh, and the pictures and music from Ty's MySpace page. Oh, Jesus is this bad for my brand. somebody somewhere could possibly confuse the two enterprises. I need to call in the lawyers and the hit men and rally up my posse.

Who the fuck uses MySpace? MySpace? Jesus. "Hey Ty, I saw your myspace page." I'm suing! Where's Johnny Cochran when you need him?

Oh, and "popularisers" is a really funny word. Thank's Britain!