Ask Ty...January 5

Q: Is it true that the entire Saddam execution was staged, complete with "unauthorized video", and that he actually left a couple days later in a ship departing from Chicago O'Hare, and the he is, along with Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bin Laden a member of a reptilian alien species here on vacation from the past?

Just wondering, Fred from Florida

Ty: Fred, good question and an even better observation. Actually, it's a silly ass question, but I'm sure there is loads of buzz about 1) the whole thing being staged, and 2) the insincerity of the US outrage over how Mr. Saddam was treated (you can't say "Saddam" without saying "Sad").

The best is Whitehouse.org's review of the whole thing. There are two pieces. The first is the obvious one:
SADDAM HUSSEIN EXECUTED: President's Statement Celebrating the Awesome Snuffing Out of America's Most Hated Sand Coon
The second is even better-er:
KIDS CONTEST! Draw Saddam Dying and Win an Authentic Executioner's Ski Mask!
The subtleties are abundant once you get past the obvious. I actually remember thinking how bitchin' it would be when I saw the initial video of "Saddam at the Gallows!!!" that if one of the executioner's masks would slip off we'd see W. I mean he was mysteriously absent from the scene (at the ranch, missing the Ford parties, hiding from tornadoes, etc.). You with me here?

Anyway, I'm sure that for every tear the liberals shed over this, there is a full-blown "orgasmic fury" on the right over this snuff/lynch film. As far as Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bin Laden (or even Al-Barack Saddam Huessein Bin Laden Bin Obama) is concerned? Who knows, maybe the reptilian alien species holds some water. I mean, just look at Nacy Pelosi. Sheesh!

Just a guess. - Ty