So, I'm walking with Saty to get our afternoon coffee and talk like we do most every day between three and four. I have my camera and I'm snapping this and snapping that and I blurt out, "Fuck! I hate art!"

Saty says, "You do so much constantly, you should probably take a break." I know what he's saying; new perspectives and fresh palate and such.

I further explain, "It's not that I'm burned out or bored or frustrated. I just love some of the stuff I've seen lately and hate the mess I'm creating right now."

He says, "I know what you mean. For me it comes in waves. I intensely do stuff for a month then take several months off. I'm always afraid that I'm all dried up though."

"I know! That's totally my biggest fear," I declare. "I can't stop though. I take my pictures and I'm working on this recording project..."

"You should do something different," Saty suggests. "Maybe take a class." A class, I think. Fuck that. I don't really want to take a class. "Oh, I see. I should take a writing class. Force myself to do something different."

"Yeah! That's it!" Saty suggests, as an exercise, that I write two pages a day -- force myself to write two pages a day -- for seven straight days. Fiction. Do it!

Wow. That's hard core. I like the challenge, but I'm not ready.



Barry Bonds

You know how much I just LOVE Mr. Barry Bonds, right? I hope he freaks up and hits a hundred dingers this year. That, my friends, would be a STATEMENT!

But, and think about this, if I were an opposing pitcher, I'd only throw at his head. That would be ballsy. No strikes, no balls, just bean. Kick me out, suspend me, but I'm only throwing to kill.

Funny, huh?


Real Age?

You want to sell me the "My RealAge Plan?" Whatever. I should be selling you MY plan, seems I've done something right according to your calculations.

I love the interwebs. According to the internests, I have a 150 IQ too.

What did we do before the compuwebnets? Maybe it'll tell me that some African guy's gonna send me $8 million to use my bank account.

What's Lame

Lame is when a website updates it's look, you know, you call it up one day (usually a Monday) and it's different. Usually, more more boring, less easy to read, and everything is in the wrong place (usually because of some committee decisions).

Sure, that's all lame, but what's much lamer is when the sites produce an article about the new look. "About our redesign" or "Our New Look!" Who fucking cares? Blah-blah-blah about typefaces that are easier to read, and how they put this feature here instead of there. That's just LAME!

Anyway, Village Voice (and I'm not gonna link it - fuck off!), updated their look or whatever and you know what, not a self-referential word! Goddamn, that's not lame.



Like Castro

I swear, waiting for Al Davis to die is like waiting for Castro to die. They are both like cockroaches. Cheney too. Maybe he's a r-r-r-robot.

Go Comcast Raiders!


Process v. Product

"If you divide the world up into process and product albums, I think it explains a lot about my tastes."

- rpWalk, 012507


Guest Post

Here's another thing I've been thinking about.

There's a society (imaginary) where the people happily buy and wear shiny golden shackles and collars. They can't get enough of them. The Ruler realized he could control the population with their blessing by letting them put themselves in bondage. In fact, he was in bondage too.

We are heading in that same direction. Here is the future as I see it:

At birth each child is issued an URL, this could be in addition to or an extension of the social security number.

All internet use will be traced through this URL (this unique identifier). You can sign-up for a free Gmail account (the “G” is for government), for example, but you must give your URL as a reference.

All internet transactions will be recorded in each person's personal storage area (perma-cookies). The amount of storage area a person takes up will be a measuring stick of some kind, the more experience you have (or the more affluent you are), the bigger your allocation, or something).

Since everything will be done through the internet, your life will be almost completely recorded. What you read, watch, buy, etc. Your likes, dislikes, and fetishes.

Peoples "Electronic Living Space" will occasionally be hacked.

Eventually, many, many years from now, there will be no need to hack this "private" info because it won't be private anymore. Want to see what Ty is reading today, just look it up. The idea of keeping your life private will seem strange and primitive. "What do you have to hide? What are you doing wrong if you need privacy? Why don't you want me to know what you are doing?" The way things are now will seem to these future people they way the "Wild West" seems to us.

We can appreciate the freedom people back then had, but are happy things are a bit more controlled now. We wouldn’t trade our access or ease of life.

No one is walking around with six-shooters and there is some law and order. To them it will be like "what do you mean you could do things without anyone knowing? What do you mean you could go somewhere secretly? What a strange and chaotic time that must have been."

This thing that we feel gives us anonymity and freedom is really the golden shackles we are all clamoring to get, putting ourselves, of our own free will, closer to the ultimate control we all so much hate and love.

Ask Ty…January 24

Q: So, do you always have a camera with you or what? And, what's the deal with the supposed new album?

Laura, Durham, North Carolina

Ty: Laura, good question and an even better observation. Yes, I do always have a camera with me. You just never know when you have to - just need to - take a picture up your own nose, right?

And, the album...yes. In progress. No boasting, no bragging, no blogging about it. Just know, it's actually in progress. It's in progress (if you say it enough, but it is).

I'll let you know when it's done. That's all. So far I think it'll sound something like KC and the Sunshine Band meets Lynyrd Skynyrd on an alligator farm post-jet crash kinda DYI Chris Martin-y Deerhoof thing.

You know, more of the same.

Just a guess. - Ty

Why, John, Why?

"Because my wee-nah is this big."
Kerry Bows Out of 2008 Race for Presidency
Oh thank gawd. And, send my money back!


Madame President

"I'm in. And I'm in it to win."

Damn, yo. That's some bugged out shit!

Where do I send a check? A resume?

Hillary is my horse.



dunno? [clicky]

It's "Laugh Out Loud" Friday

All I've been doing is laughing this morning.

This made me laugh:
  • Bren (in the car)
  • Michael Lewis (in Slate)
  • Rich (via email)
  • Vice Magazine
  • Ze (1.18)
  • Village Voice
  • And, something else I completely forget
Best part is, it's only 11:23! (11:25)


Perfect: A Confession

Spiderland. Slint. In that order. Period.

You actually don't need any other information. You either get it or you don't. Love it or not. But, it may very well be a best and a perfect album. Six tracks. Thirty-nine and a half minutes of some of the most exhausting, excruciating music ever. In fact, there's nothing I could write about it that hasn't been written (clicky).

I first learned about Slint and Spiderland in this SASHA FRERE-JONES New Yorker article from April 2004. Things sorta changed for me. Blah-blah-blah. Like Odelay perhaps. Those periodic albums that change things.

Anyway, at the time I read the article I couldn't immediately find the album (iTunes), so I found each of the tracks via Limewire. Downloaded the whole thing and have loved that record ever since.

I couldn't even tell you the first or last names of anyone in that band. I'd have a hard time even telling you the names of the tracks. But, I know nearly every nuance of the production. I've listened to it dozens of times if not hundreds (is that possible?). It's on the iPod and on CD in the car. It's on the computer at work. I've given it as a gift.

The purpose of this post, however, is full disclosure: Two days ago, I bought the album. It dawned on me that I never purchased the record, so I ordered it, paid in full for it, and received it.

Is this a confession? Perhaps. Spiderland will do that to you. Or, the cult of Spiderland will do that. I've heard live versions of Spiderland too. Great.

I bought a CD. Oh, I actually bought two. I also got OutKast Stankonia. I've been meaning to buy that. I hadn't heard a track until yesterday.


I Ron Knee


K & N

So what do you get when you shove a K&N free-flow air filter into a 200 hp turbocharged GTI (with the synthetic oil)?

A blur.

And, it's not the top speed (which is plenty fast), it's the instant and accurate acceleration. You know, "shoot the curl," "thread the needle," merge.

Do what?


No Problem

Hey, Jersey. No problem. Yeah, just park right here. In front of the hydrant. No big.

Oh, and just leave it running. Enjoy your Starbucks, pal.

No problem if you leave that big fucker half in the crosswalk either. We don't care down here.

Like a crack house, that Starbucks.



Distinguishing Characteristics

According to the Bren, this bunny is special because it has eyelashes. I see.... I haven't asked about the tail yet.


This Week's Selected Comments

On Martin & Malcolm

"I'm friends with this guy Robbie, old hippie, Berkeley institution. Robbie is the poster boy for 60's Berkeley leftist. Brooklyn Jew who grew up with Arlo Guthrie, is a historical footnote for having gotten beaten up in Mississippi during Freedom Summer '64, friends with Mario Salvo during the Free Speech movement, buddies with Utah Phillips, Wavy Gravy, blah blah blah.... My point is, he's got the pedigree, his credentials as a leftist are solid. If he ever gets pulled over by the PC Police, I think you'll find his papers are all in order.

He votes and speaks a pretty straight leftist ticket. Except on one issue. The 2nd Amendment. He's fully in support of people's right to bear arms (and this from a man who lives in Oakland). He defends his position thusly: The success of the Civil Rights movement in the south was due in large part to the fact that the southern, rural black population was heavily armed.

Were they not heavily armed, the intimidation, the lynchings, and the white on black violence would have kept the movement down. As it was, black with guns kept the whites in order. And Robbie, having gotten his ass whupped by white southerners, apparently knows a thing or two about this from first hand experience.

So like you say, Martin Junior played his part. But white fear of something far worse played an equal, perhaps greater role."

On The DNC Conference in Denver

"As you say, the Democrats are once again retarded.

The Democrats control the purse strings of the the national treasury. If they wanted, they could build a money hose from DC to Louisiana and bury New Orleans chest deep in cash. They could drop Lincoln Navigators full of Benjamins from the Space Shuttle as it orbits over the Gulf Coast. They could load up the Favre Bagre full of counterfeit 50's printed in Chicago and float them down the Mississippi and have them arrive just in time for the Packers-Saints opening kickoff/Democratic Convention after they pass a law requiring the New Orleans Saints to win the Superbowl for the next 10 years. ("Let me ask my Republican colleagues across the aisle this, Are you FOR or AGAINST black people?") And after all that, they could march in for their convention and be greeted as liberators while little black children throw roses at them and pull down statues of George Bush. THAT'S WHAT BEING IN CONTROL OF CONGRESS MEANS, DUMBASSES!

But no. Denver. I hope they pick up all 3 of Wyoming's electoral votes. Maybe they'll have a rodeo."


Denver? - Update

Denver? What gives with Denver? If you're trying to win the West, try LA or even Vegas. Yes, the Democratic National Convention in Las Vegas.

But, Denver? Who gives a rat's ass about Denver. How neutral, vanilla, boring is Denver? Only St. Paul is worse. St. Paul? How about Whitewater, Wisconsin?

Sure, New York is old news. Nobody could do another convention in New York without serious ridicule. Philadelphia? Yawn. DC would have been balls, for sure.

But, the ONLY choice for the 2008 DNC National Convention could have been New Orleans. Duh and double duh. I even suggested it in the little "Your Comments Are Important" box outside the DNC building on South Capitol street, S.E.

Symbolic of the failures of the current administration and the emotional symbol for hope, resurrection, and the future and all that shit.

Denver? Omlette!


Just found this on Wonkette:

Howard Dean Doesn't Care About Black People: DNC Picks Denver

Denver gets the 2008 Democratic Convention. Hooray for mountain oysters!

The Dems had three cities on the Short List: New York, New Orleans and the alleged Mile High City. Bloomberg didn’t want the mess in his town and New Orleans would’ve been a savagely symbolic choice that combined rhetoric (Bush drowned the city; we’ll dig it out) with the very real impact of spending tens of millions on the city to get in shape for big conventions again.

So much for making a bold, moral and politically brilliant move … they’re Democrats, after all!


Breaking: Dean Chooses Denver

I Got the URGE to SURGE!!!

Ask Ty…January 11

Q: Some people complain, but as a society, I feel we’ve come a long way. I mean, look, in just four days, we’ll all be celebrating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We will probably have a woman and an African American as viable candidates for president. And, more and more barriers are breaking down re: interracial dating and marriage. So, with all the complaining, don’t you agree that our society has come a long way?

Stephany, Gault California

Ty: Stephanie (I can’t even force myself to type it with a “y”), good question and an even better observation. Gee where to start…

First, and no disrespect intended, but Martin Luther King was a huge pussy. Ouch, you say, how could he say that? Yep. MLK is sacred to blacks and that is some sacrilege talk. But, even though Martin liked his liquor as much as he loved his women, his act was to be a big pussy. Get it? Not yet. Don’t get me wrong, Martin rolled hard with some serious rough necks, but his role was to take a lot of shit. I am proud of the amount of shit he could and did take too.

Listen. Do you think for a minute that the whole “advancement of black equality” movement would have had any traction if MLK and his friends were marching around chanting, “We shall overcome” as the sole technique for change? Nope. That’s only a recipe for an ass whoopin’.

Get this straight right now: without Malcolm X and the Black Panthers scaring the living shit out of all of “White America (tm)” I’d be shining shoes along with Colin Powell and Barak Obama (we’d have a three seat booth) today.

Given the choice of blacks demanding a seat at the proverbial table utilizing Martin’s techniques or utilizing Malcolm’s techniques, uh, suddenly Martin looked not only sane, but also pretty damn saintly. You think white kids and liberals would have ran down to the south to march if they didn’t think that Malcolm and Huey weren’t going to march down THEIR street with guns all stealing their white women and their Buicks? I didn’t think so.

It's the lesser of two evils. You can have peaceful blacks (and please, stop saying "African Americans" that's just weak!) who want to assimilate more than anything or you can have militant blacks that want to "take what" their "owed." That's all Willy Horton and shit.

Roles! Malcolm and Martin (M&M – eminen) needed each other like they both needed their liquor and their women (like we all need our liquor and our women). It was the perfect situation for America: here's your choice, peace or war.

Anyway, back to the rest of your question. Hillary will win. Obama will be in the race for a while and could pick up if Hillary stumbles. One will win. They will both point and laugh at Chris Dodd (ha-ha!) and the rest. John Kerry will open a Taco Bell in Scranton.

Lastly, interracial dating and marriage? Sheesh, people should keep to their own kind. You know that already.

Again, no disrespect and such, and happy birthday Martin. Good work!

Just a guess. - Ty


NerdCore: Blessed are the Times

WTF?! #1
Over a million Google links for the word "nerdcore."
WTF?! #2
Check the wiki page on nerdcore.
WTF?! #3
The Dueling Nerdcore Documentaries

FIVE THINGS: About geeksta rap

Rap Marketing Comes to Nerdcore
WTF?! #4
From Urban Dictionary: "Nerdcore should not be confused with bands that are simply stereotypically popular with nerds such as They Might Be Giants, DEVO, Ween, etc."

"Musicians in this genre include...Del Tha Funkee Homosapian (specifically on the "Deltron 3030" album)."


Upstairs (in the Attic)

Yes, there has been some attic time indeed.

What gives? Nothing in particular. Just, literally, in the attic and found an old computer (tangerine Apple iMac with a busted monitor) and decided to see what was on it. Well, found some images and other good stuff. That's what the "Looking Around the Attic" jive was all about.

But, most interestingly I found the original text to 1996's epic, "Morphic Resonance: The Journey of Unintended Consequences." Oh shit! Here's a coupla hits:

"That night we bedded down where the bonfire light met the pitch black of the forest. I slept well, but awoke when I felt that I had forgetten to wind the clock. I knew I had, but felt that I didn't. I could tell that something was definitely amiss. As I was walking back from the van (after winding the clock) I peered as deep as I could into the forest. Everyone else was sound asleep, but I was somehow drawn to the forest. What was it the old man said? Mystic forces? My ass. What was it about the forest?"

"As I followed them with my eyes [these are bats I'm referring to] and grew more accustomed to the dark, I noticed that many of the tree limbs in the immediate area were pruned and that these spikes were were nailed into the pruned area. Who would hammer a spike into the newly pruned wound of a tree? Why were these spikes, apparently hand-made giant nails hammered in pairs? As the uniformity and quantity of the nails struck me, I was suddenly and keenly aware that I shouldn't have been in that spot. I turned to run back to camp and stumbled to the forest floor."
Ha-ha! This is some deep shit. Uh-oh! Better wind the motherfucking clock or the bats'll get your ass!

It's actually a pretty good story, but given the format loses and such, it is in need of some editing. I'll post it soon.

But, yeah, that's what's up with all the attic talk. It's literal and figurative.

Looking Around the Attic II

...and found this:

Looking Around the Attic I

...and found this:


Rich: On Koy

"Koy Detmer. What a bizarre career. Dude just seems to show up at the right place at the right time. In between these moments, I assume he works in a shoe store in the King of Prussia mall with his cell phone clipped on to his belt and every time it rings he looks up from the shoe he's lacing and says "I have to take this. It might be the Eagles."

The Eagles probably called him like four games ago but his manager at the shoe store wouldn't give him time off during the holiday rush."


Because YOU know and I know that I love Marion Barry more than I love Mexican food.

He dances?

Well OF COURSE he dances!


This Ain't Me

You Ain't No Ty! Baller? Jesus, who calls themselves "baller" anymore? Baller went out with MySpace, dude.
"Ben Chijioke aka Ty is one of UK Black music’s true innovators and popularisers. And with his third album, “Closer,” this critically-acclaimed MC and producer is set to hit the mainstream."
Hey, why did Ben Chijioke take the name, "Ty?" What the fuck? That's MY name, bitch. Who is this poser?

Oh, and the PR crap:
"Ty’s strength of mind is legendary."
Do what?
"Ty has long been involved in the spoken word/poetry scene, as well as running workshops in schools and beyond since his pivotal involvement in the mid-90s Ghetto Grammar organisation."
That's just embarrassing, dude.

Oh, and the pictures and music from Ty's MySpace page. Oh, Jesus is this bad for my brand. somebody somewhere could possibly confuse the two enterprises. I need to call in the lawyers and the hit men and rally up my posse.

Who the fuck uses MySpace? MySpace? Jesus. "Hey Ty, I saw your myspace page." I'm suing! Where's Johnny Cochran when you need him?

Oh, and "popularisers" is a really funny word. Thank's Britain!

Taco Bar y Jose's (Dang!)

Everyone knows that I am retarded. Hi! I am retarded.

How long have I been visiting the mid-Atlantic? How long have I lived at my current residence?

I just yesterday found Taco Bar. The best Mexican food I've had in years (outside of California since I've not been to Mexico in a very long time).

I almost gave myself a Mexican food induced coma. I ate like I'd been starving. I did not care if I choked. I'd at least choke happy. I want to go back and become huge and fat and die from Mexican food.

So when you visit, remind me that I am ten minutes from Taco Bar (and they sell beer and wine to go) and five minutes from Jose's, the second best Mexican food I've had in years (outside of California since I've not been to Mexico in a very long time).


How Is This Remotely Funny?

Polls conducted by NBC have Bush's approval rating with African-Americans at 2 percent with a 2 percent margin of error.

Good thing blacks don't vote.

Ray is "Jonesin'"

Ask Ty...January 5

Q: Is it true that the entire Saddam execution was staged, complete with "unauthorized video", and that he actually left a couple days later in a ship departing from Chicago O'Hare, and the he is, along with Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bin Laden a member of a reptilian alien species here on vacation from the past?

Just wondering, Fred from Florida

Ty: Fred, good question and an even better observation. Actually, it's a silly ass question, but I'm sure there is loads of buzz about 1) the whole thing being staged, and 2) the insincerity of the US outrage over how Mr. Saddam was treated (you can't say "Saddam" without saying "Sad").

The best is Whitehouse.org's review of the whole thing. There are two pieces. The first is the obvious one:
SADDAM HUSSEIN EXECUTED: President's Statement Celebrating the Awesome Snuffing Out of America's Most Hated Sand Coon
The second is even better-er:
KIDS CONTEST! Draw Saddam Dying and Win an Authentic Executioner's Ski Mask!
The subtleties are abundant once you get past the obvious. I actually remember thinking how bitchin' it would be when I saw the initial video of "Saddam at the Gallows!!!" that if one of the executioner's masks would slip off we'd see W. I mean he was mysteriously absent from the scene (at the ranch, missing the Ford parties, hiding from tornadoes, etc.). You with me here?

Anyway, I'm sure that for every tear the liberals shed over this, there is a full-blown "orgasmic fury" on the right over this snuff/lynch film. As far as Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bin Laden (or even Al-Barack Saddam Huessein Bin Laden Bin Obama) is concerned? Who knows, maybe the reptilian alien species holds some water. I mean, just look at Nacy Pelosi. Sheesh!

Just a guess. - Ty


Ruler of the Basement

It must be so nice to rule the basement.

Assignment 2007 - Part III

Discs are in the mail (FedEx).

Here is the play list of my historic influences: clicky

Again, artists, not necessarily songs. These are samples. Keep in mind, some artists are cited for production and engineering. I really don't pay much attention to many lyrics either. I'm a music dude.

Good luck. Happy 2007!

Assignment 2007 - Part II

Assignment 2007 - First Installment

Most important here is the listing of influential recording artists, roughly ranked. I am deeply moved by many of these artists and many have shaped my craft as a recording artist and producer (and wannabe engineer).

The songs – and I debated whether to do this or not – are samples, examples, memories. Song samples herein are either entry points, the song that convinced me that there was more, songs that just got my attention, or where I “got it.” In some cases, these songs were remnants in my brain that I revisited and enjoyed and explored more. Basically where religion was caught.

As far as “rankings” are concerned, this is simply an exercise. These lists could be different on any other day. And, as far as influence and love, it’s all so close. But, it’s a rough order because Americans love order.

But, there’s so much more either under-explored or newly introduced to me. This is in no way an exhaustive list. But, it’s how I answer the question re: major historical.

This is the chronological list, as I remember being introduced to the music. It’s not perfect. Again, there’s so much more and I’m cheating so many artists. Plus, I’ve added some notes. Whatever.

Of course, I could do the same exercise for other media – design, photography, etc. – but I won’t. It’s too grueling.


1. Sly and the Family Stone – “Family Affair” – One of my earliest music memories.
2. Aerosmith – “Uncle Salty”
3. Marvin Gaye – “Got to Give It Up” – The bassline? Are you serious?
4. Stevie Wonder – “I Was Made To Love Her” ” – Perhaps my earliest music memories.
5. Parliament – “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof of the Sucker)” – Bigger than Jesus.
6. War – “The World Is a Ghetto”
7. The Jackson 5 – “Dancing Machine”
8. James Brown – “Say it Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud” – Exactly.
9. Curtis Mayfield – “(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Gonna Go
10. Gary Numan – “Cars”
11. The Rolling Stones – “Emotional Rescue” – Still, the world’s most under rated rock band. Seriously.
12. ELO – “Don’t Bring Me Down” – Growing up.
13. Devo – “Jocko Homo” – Pop music doesn’t have to be in 4/4.
14. Al Green – “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” – Made me sad as a child, so powerful.
15. Richard Pryor – “When Your Woman Leaves You”
16. Queen – “Fat Bottomed Girls”
17. David Bowie – “Fame”
18. Ray Charles – “Georgia on My Mind”
19. Maynard Ferguson– “La Fiesta”
20. Johnny Guitar Watson – “A Real Mother for Ya”


1. Wolfgang Mozart – “Don Giovanni” – Oh, this is music.
2. Johann Sebastian Bach – “The Brandenburg Concertos” – Oh, this is perfect music.
3. Ralph Hardimon – Arr. Of “Capriccio Espagnol” by Rimsky-Korsokov – Oh, I can play this?
4. The Beatles – “A Day in the Life”
5. Led Zeppelin – “The Battle of Evermore”
6. Jimi Hendrix – “Are You Experienced? – Oh. Just, oh.
7. The Police – “Voices Inside My Head”
8. Miles Davis– “Splach” – Classic entry point.
9. Talking Heads – “Burning Down the House” – Obviously.
10. Hector Berlioz – “Symphonie Fantastique” – Good god!
11. Yes – “The Revealing Science of God – Dance of the Dawn”
12. Frank Zappa – “The Torture Never Stops”
13. Dimitri Shostakovich – “Festive Overture”
14. Ludwig van Beethoven – “Fifth Symphony”
15. Van Halen – “Hot For Teacher” – How to rock, 101.
16. Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama”
17. Tom Petty – “Don’t Come Around Here No More”
18. Tower of Power – “What is Hip?”
19. Cheap Trick – “Dream Police”
20. Prince – “Darling Nikki” – How to get laid.


1. Beck – “High 5 (Rock the Catskills)” – I get it, let’s do this shit.
2. Soundgarden – “Limo Wreck”
3. Richard Walkling – “I’m Coming Home – File under, duh!
4. The Flaming Lips – “Lightning Strikes the Postman”
5. Lenny Kravitz – “Fields of Joy (Reprise)
6. Public Enemy – “Anti-Nigger Machine”
7. Beastie Boys – “High Plains Drifter”
8. NWA – “Fuck the Police” – I wanna fuck you too!
9. Phish – “Billy Breathes”
10. Nirvana – “Rape Me”
11. Ben Harper – “God Fearing Man”
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Hollywood”
13. Ween – “Roses Are Free”
14. Guns N’ Roses – “It’s So Easy” – It’s so fucking easy.
15. Jane’s Addiction – “Three Days”
16. Ice Cube – “The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit”
17. Ice T – “Midnight” – I’ve seen all of this story.
18. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Bellbottoms”
19. MMW – “We Are Rolling”
20. Anthrax – “Now It’s Dark”


1. Firey Furnaces – “Chris Michaels” – Yep, it all comes together. They made this for $30k.
2. The White Stripes – “The Denial Twist”
3. Kanye West – “Gone” – Ph.d. in production. Million dollar production.
4. OutKast – “Ghetto Musick” – Ph.d. in production. Million dollar production.
5. Marilyn Manson – “The Dope Show” - Just genius.
6. TV on the Radio – “Dirtywhirl” – The album I would have made.
7. Deltron 3030 – “Virus” – The concept album.
8. Radiohead – “Creep”
9. Dizzee Rascal – “Fix Up, Look Sharp”
10. Arcade Fire – “Crown of Love”
11. The Roots – “Water”
12. Eminen – “The Real Slim Shady”
13. Sufjan Stevens – “The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself In the Morning, or, We Apologize for the Inconvenience But You're Going to Have to Leave Now, or, "I Have Fought the Big Knives..."– All around, WTF?
14. Manu Chao – “Promiscuity”
15. D’Angelo – “Chicken Grease” – I'd fuck him.
16. Will Oldham – “After I Made Love to You” – Shit. Makes me frisky and sad.
17. Clipse – “Hello New World” – Best album of the decade so far.
18. Sigur Ros – “Svefn-G-Englar”
19. The Wiggles – “Eagle Rock” – The most sexual children’s song ever.
20. Oasis – “Rock and Roll Star”

The next installment is the two to three CD track listing of this influence arc. Whew.

Lastly, remember - before you start buggin' - this isn't the "best of" list in any way. These are not my favorites either. It's the "most influential, historically." And, my god, are there hundreds of songs that I never explored the album or artist more - esp. the history of what's now called "classic rock." I grew up with KMET ("little bit of heaven, 94 point 7"), remember?

I'm grumpy, huh?

Assignment 2007 - Part I

In the Inbox - 12.28.06
"A recent, long over due listening to NWA made me realize that they may have had a larger influence on your craft than I had previously given them credit for (particularly LA Black/Judge Brennan). Which lead me to begin to wonder about who your influences are, or, more specifically, what songs were the greatest influence to you pre-tKoL.

I've pretty much tracked your musical preferences from a few years pre-tKoL to present day. And I could probably name several of the early influences (e.g. Miles Davis, Steve Wonder, Frank Zappa), but I really don't know the whole story.

Your assignment for 2007, should you choose to accept it, is to provide me with approximately 3 mix CDs of music that was influential to your craft. Organize it and annotate it however you like (chronologically, by genre, by artist, whathaveyou). You can send them all at once or spread them out over the entire year.

Assignment accepted.

Untitled (White Balance)


2007 Sync

I think I want to be a photographer.

I will be a photographer.

Words: Two Guy-word Additions

Schnoobs: Breasts, attractive or partially visible (or completely visible) breasts of any size. Also, manboobs can be schnoobs, if you prefer.

Usage: "Schnooobs!" Usually a legato pronunciation, heavy emphasis on the "schhhh" so others have an opportunity to check out the scene before the word is completed. Often emphatic.

Schnooblets: Small or even tiny breasts, but cute. I suppose some manboobs can be schnooblets, but you'd never here me say that.

Usage: "Schnooblets." Staccato, usually, often high-pitched. Emphasis on the "oo."

Now you know.

Mr. Hussein

Blaming the messenger

"...are we the only ones who think that all the concern about who captured the hanging on a cellphone camera is just a little bit beside the point?"

"Was it too much to expect that the Iraqi government, such as it is, could handle execution security as well as a bunch of rent-a-cops in windbreakers do?"

"Either Iraqi government officials are so completely inept that they couldn't control a single room within their country, or they chose to turn a blind eye to what was happening in it."

"...all the guy with the cellphone camera did was remind us of how ugly the transaction can be. The photographer documented the sorry spectacle of Saddam's hanging. He did not create it."

- Tim Grieve/Salon