Corporate Rap Battle

Yes. A corporate rap battle. Three rounds and I'm the winner. October 26-27 2006.
Stop hating your miserable jobs and scoop a posse.

Here's my rhymes, bitches!

Qualifying Round

You call me up
All on my phone

Like you know me
Up in my home

Don’t fool yourself
‘Cuz you can rhyme

But can you flow?
Do your rhythms shine?

Oce can you see
By the dawn of the light

Abt’s in the crib
No bark only bite

You formed your posse
So I just scooped two

I see you’re nervous
All boo hoo-hoo-hoo

The score is tied
It’s “on” so you say

The score’s “Ty”
And the winner is, dare I say, it’s me, Hy Tardaway


The door? The door?
I don’t need the door

I got the key to the suite
And I’m known in seven more

It’s not a war, with you?
You say you dropped some heavies

But you haven’t dropped me
Because I rhyme so…sweet

Now Pat, I love you…and
What you do you do the best

But with your gang, I mean your “posse”
You haven’t passed the dopest test

You comin’ hard…and so you say
You checked some jokers?

How you gonna check me when you
Chokin’ with those smokers?

My posse’s down…with
Statistics and the science

I swagger like I’ve owned this
My whole life with mad defiance

Yeah, I called a battle
Of the beats and the rhymin’ and the disses

But for you…all I have
Is respect and kisses missus

I wear my cred like my heart
On the sleeve of my shirt
When you’re ready I will help you
Dig your words out the dirt

The door? The door?
I don’t need your door

I got the key to the suite
And I always win rap wars


Twenty-four hours and that’s all you got?
Shoulda stayed in bed ‘cuz I’m not
Impressed with your brand of hip-hop
Look around you ‘cuz I’m still the tops

Gonna win the rap battle
[beat box]
Gonna win the Abt battle
[beat box]

You are the queen
You’re mean, and
I really dig your scene

You are so fine
But I have to drop a dime

California never backs down
Call me whack, insane, or a clown
In the ocean you just might drown
And my lyrics make the competition frown

Gonna win the rap battle
[beat box]
Gonna win the Abt battle
[beat box]

You are my friend
Until the end
But I really got to send

This note to you
Woman who
Really never knew

I had my say now I am peace. Out.
My fuckin’ rep still carries mad clout
You step to me and there is no doubt
I take no prisoners ‘cuz that is what this is all about

Word! No. Paragraph, bitches!