Jack of All Trades


I get it now. Add 'duh' to that whole "I get it" shit.

Here's the story. The girl kind of liked the Raconteurs single, "Steady As She Goes." Sure, it's a poppy, radio-friendly pop song. Good enough. But, I recently got into The White Stripes. And, not for Meg. Hottie cannot play the drums for shit. But, she sure looks pretty. Great part of the act. But, when I first heard "Steady As She Goes" I was like, whatever, he's giving up White Stripes legend for that shit. Jack White is the White Stripes. So, his side project was going to be good or crap. I had already written it off based on the single (the single wasn't for me). Thanks Bren. I owe you again.

I know, I know. The single was the cha-chingy hook. Get the college girls singing the chorus and you're all good from there. Not for me. I know.

So, the girl had me listening to "Steady As She Goes" over and over while playing with Legos (singing the chorus all the time and such) and I decided to let the album keep playing (since I happened to own it via the Doylestown connection). I am a forty year-old retard! The girl is the real winner (and she listened to and critiqued the entire album).

The album is "Broken Boy Soldiers." And, this is some real good shit. I actually felt bad about discounting my boy Jack White. I was all dissin' him in my mind for putting out sorry shit. I should have realized that "Steady As She Goes" was the lead track. The actual album was afterwards. The trick, of course, it to start the album on track two. Duh.

So Raconteurs. The beauty of the Stripes was the sparsness. Guitar & Drums. Albums featuring clever overdubs. It all made sense. But, shit, Raconteurs gots the whole faux supergroup thing going: guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass (oh, bass!), and some great motherfucking drums. Sorry, Meg. Jack needed some drumming to get him off. And whoever this drummer is, he's intentionally showing his weiner on this record to provide a robust contrast to the sparseness of Meg. The drums really hold this record together.

So, kiddies, add another point to the "Ty/Retard" category which far outscores the "Ty/Genius" total.