Bowling with the Bren

Let's Get Physical w/the Graffiti

So, ur, "Black Country Woman" popped up on the iPod in the car. Brennan really like what she calls the "Hey, hey mama" song.

So, I started the album from the top - da capo.

It's moments like this that make a father proud (happy father's day to me). The Bren really likes Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti (for now, tastes will evolve, I know).

But, hey, I'm happy to play "the Zeppelin music."


Gifts from Heaven - tKoL Anniversary

Okay, stick with me here <-- second time I used that line tonight (the first was in reference to Uma Thurman). But, stick with me kids.

Got this email today, right?

"10 Mofo Years, Mo'fer

Happy Anniversary.
See attached and link.
P.S.- Headphones are good a thing."

Not so cryptic, I'm wholly used to this type of correspondence from the peeps. But, WTF?! I spend a few weeks digging through the archives and posted the tKoL ten year retrospective shit, and R-Walk makes a new album. And, cover art. Damn!

Goddamn there is a god. Oh yeah, ten years ago, we were all like, "uh, if we record everything we do and put it 'out there' it'll all come back to us in ways we ain't figured yet." Duh!

And some reviewer once referred to the Kingdom of Leisure as "self mythologizing" or some rot.

"It's probably a month early, but whatever, I finished the project and didn't feel like sitting on it until July. I don't remember the actual date.

Gave that boy RPWalk some wings and just like to watch him fly around. Makes an old guy very fucking proud.


I Finally Remembered #3

So, yesterday, I was listening to a long voicemail (at work) and found myself talking to it (then realizing that it was voicemail). I asked excited questions to a recording. What was funny was I did this twice in the same mail.

And, then I was later on the phone talking to the same person I received the voicemail from and toward the end - remember I'm actually live with this person - at the end I pressed the number 3 to delete the message. He said, "what was that?" I responded, "oh, I'm crazy."

Wires crossed!

Triple Post - Holy Cow!

1) Dear Mr. Crazy Begging Homeless Guy: a critique on your technique:

Uh, I probably wasn't going to give you any money begging on the island at the intersection of the Rockville Pike and Pooks Hill Road. And, your cardboard sign sucked. Been done - "Homeless, please help. God Bless!" Old but not cool enough to be old school, okay?

You were doing fine with the scraggly hair and dirty clothes. The crazy eyes probably didn't help. People don't roll down windows for crazy eyes. Try, sad eyes next time.

But. Flipping off the traffic? Bad form. You're never gonna get any money flipping off your crowd. You're not Miles Davis (or, maybe I didn't know you were the Miles Davis of Crazy Begging Homeless people - zilly me).

Just a thought.

2) The Bren's Morning Drive Playlist - this morning ("over and over"):

Cars - Gary Numan
Sugar is Sweeter - CJ Bolland

Jocko Homo - Devo
Cold Beverage - G.Love

3) I forget the third:

But it probably had something to do with a BlackBerry - quote of the day yesterday by me:

"I'm getting so many emails from Vice Presidents; it's like I'm giving away a BlackBerry."



Oh blogger, bloggy blogg-blog motherfucking blog. How are you? Me? I'm swell. Who's reading? Who's caring? Oh bloggy-blog. Sigh!

So what's new? I don't know.

Oh blogging, blog-blog, blogger. Tell me what you know.

When you're born alone, you sometimes play your banjo alone. Surely, you will die alone.

Blogging, blogski, blog-blogg. Blognigger, damn.


L'il Rico

[first thoughts this a.m. - as I woke up...5:48]

"L'il Rico hugged each of his co-workers on his last day at the machine shop. All the while he hummed the violin part of his newest string quartet."