Non Sequitur Email Project

Alright, people. This is my not my project, but it's good.

Send entries to: admin@middlespace.net and I will forward.

I want you to send an except from an email that when taken out of context makes very little sense.

The only rules are that the clips should include at least one full consecutive exchange (two people, at least one comment each, in back-to-back banter), and when put back into context should make at least some sense (only edits are to what precedes and follows the two excerpts).

For example:

Emailer A: "Originally there was more - I deleted the last twelve photos where the pier falls into the water and then the downtown area falls into the water and the vanful of hydrolologists. "

Emailer B: "Is that the one where the artist carrying all the Van Gogh's falls in the water and the world becomes so despondent at the loss of these Van Gogh's that people stop buying artwork and so they have to convert all the paintings in the world into useful things like kindling and toilet paper? I got that email too. That was funny. You do not need to identify who the emailers are. "

Send entries to: admin@middlespace.net and I will forward.