Ask Ty...April 25

Q: Ty, with the world being such a messed up place, what could I do to make it better, especially for the children? - NS, Arkansas

Ty: NS, good question and an even better observation. I tried to give this much thought and remembered that I received this email a few days ago. It's an interesting new project that's sure to have much international impact. And I quote:

A Plan for World Peace and International Understanding

Because of all the hate and misunderstanding in the world today, I've decided to start a program to promote peace and understanding. I call it "Children's Pictures of Mohammed."

I will have school children (our country's most precious natural resources, God bless ‘em!) draw pictures of the prophet Mohammed and send them to schoolchildren in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will ask the children to draw Mohammed engaging in nice things, like playing soccer with Jesus or holding hands with Uncle Sam. I will edit out the pictures of Mohammed killing people or making babies cry. Children can draw Mohammed volunteering to pick up trash on Earth Day, giving flowers to George Washington, or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. You know, things that will promote World Peace and International Understanding. Then I will send them to Iraq and Afghanistan to let the children there know that not all Americans are insensitive buffoons.
I would have never thought of this and, at first, I thought this was the work of a quack (or "spammer"), but then I thought, what could possibly go wrong? If you want to get involved or have comments/questions, drop me a line. There’s nothing wrong with trying, right?

Just a guess. - Ty