Three Things

1) Weather: Do I have to write this every quarter? I'm not really interested in discussing the weather. It's there, sometimes it's interesting, but I'm not going to substitute comments about the obvious as any sort of meaningful conversation. I don't care. Now, you are welcome to engage me on a myriad of topics: music, politics, nanobiobots, ethics, religion, anything <-- and these are easy topics (except for nanobiobots). But, the weather, don't depress me with your lowly banter; I can see the sun and my brain has processed that it's hot.

2) Democrats: Where to start? Where do I line up to quit in shame and humiliation with shit all over my shoes? With everything the current administration is doing, how on earth is it the democrats have absolutely no traction toward making meaningful change? I'm sure dems don't "hate America" but they sure forgot what the hell America is. I'm fairly sure the Three Stooges were democrats (at least they played democrats on the TeeVee. In real life, they were probably savvy enough to form cogent thoughts and develop strategies - as is evident of their successful entertainment enterprise). And they're calling me for more money? For what? What the hell did you do with the money I gave you? I want a receipt. Until the democrats can dial up 1-800-Get-A-Spine (maybe I'll send them a pre-paid calling card), I'm sticking with: I don't care. Sure I am fully opposed to the philosophies and practices of republicans, but at least they COMPETE and WIN. Me? I'm stuck with suckers and losers.

3) NCAA Tourny: Strike three: sorry, I don't care. Don't ask me about any silly ass brackets. See weather.