Three Things

1) Ebony & Ivory: What the fuck was that? 1982 #1 single, that's what. And, further proof the '80s sucked way harder than the '70s. AIDS in the '70s? I think not. Nothin' a little shot couldn't fix. Anyway, E&I, a song about integration and racial harmony. Fah! Who talked Stevie Wonder into that?!

"Ebony and Ivory/live together in perfect harmony." WTF?! A) That ain't gonna happen; B) How dare Paul McCartney drag Little Stevie into that rat hole of lost credibility. Next thing you know, Stevie'll marry a one-legged man. Call me shallow, but that's just too freaky - even for me.

2) I have so few needs anymore. At least material. In fact, I have absolutely no material needs and very few physical needs. I have desires and sometimes suffer from "want." But, need? Nope. Shelter? Check. Food? Check. Health care? Check. Stuff? Tons.

The unintended consequences of having so few needs are, however, too much time to writhe over art and the aesthetic. Too much free cognition to explore and discover the nuances in/of your brain. Surely, there are emotional and psychological needs to tend to, but that all gets mixed up in the stew.

I need a beer is a far cry from I need some cardboard and twine to make some shoes.

3) I forgot what the third thing was. Maybe I'll remember later (but if you're surprised by Ricky Williams, send me your address and I'll send you a ten dollar bill).