Who Wants To Die?

"...try this and tell me if you experience the same thing. When you are lying down to go to sleep, put in some ear plugs. When I use ear plugs I can hear that high-pitched tone that you usually hear only in a really quiet room. Focus on that tone. I find that it's really made up of many different tones. The highest is pretty constant, but there are lower ones in there too. As I focus on these lower ones they become more present, and as I get closer to falling asleep, they start to go kind of woooooWOOOOooooo - suddenly louder as I fall a bit asleep, then softer again, over and over wooooWOOOOOwoooooWOOOO. I'm not sure, but I think I'm hearing a sound that relates somehow to brainwaves. I can't hear this all the time, sometimes I try and just fall asleep before I hear anything. You gotta be in the halfway state."