What the HELL?!

Why Today Doesn't Suck

When you have a "show" in the back seat, you don't need anything else.

Why Today Sucks

Coretta Scott King = dies at 78

Samuel Alito = sworn in to U.S. Supreme Court


Or, as captured in
Whitehouse.org parody of State of the Union speech:

THE PRESIDENT: "Today our nation lost a beloved, graceful, courageous woman – Coretta Scott King – whose husband's noble dream was shoved down the throats of the Old Confederacy by Democrat turncoats. How appropriate then, that on the very day of her death, Republicans should confirm a new Supreme Court Justice who spent his Princeton days eating lunch behind a clubhouse door that read "NO NIGGERS ALLOWED." (Applause.)"


Untitled (unless "Perfect" is already taken)

Who Wants To Die?

"...try this and tell me if you experience the same thing. When you are lying down to go to sleep, put in some ear plugs. When I use ear plugs I can hear that high-pitched tone that you usually hear only in a really quiet room. Focus on that tone. I find that it's really made up of many different tones. The highest is pretty constant, but there are lower ones in there too. As I focus on these lower ones they become more present, and as I get closer to falling asleep, they start to go kind of woooooWOOOOooooo - suddenly louder as I fall a bit asleep, then softer again, over and over wooooWOOOOOwoooooWOOOO. I'm not sure, but I think I'm hearing a sound that relates somehow to brainwaves. I can't hear this all the time, sometimes I try and just fall asleep before I hear anything. You gotta be in the halfway state."





"Everybody has the same amount of genius. It’s just a matter of getting the right amount out at the right time.


p.s., I just said, “Everybody has the same amount of genius. It’s just a matter of getting the right amount out at the right time.”"




If I had another child - a boy - I believe Milo would be the right name.


Drama for Results

"Something else about the brain/body: It learns to tolerate pain to a certain extent. I am not afraid of it, just would much rather do without it. The only pain I was every able to not withstand was when I broke my arm and was in hospital. Next day, without the pain medication (morphine at the time) the pain was almost overbearing. I bellowed & cried for hours and didn't relent until they finally called the duty doctor late that night to anesthetize me, lol. (I was way over dramatic but the got results. They finally came mostly to shut me up.) Hospital employees can be quite cruel at times."

- R.M.


The Bren

"Whenever I see photos of Bren and other people are in the photos with her (even in the background) it's always like "Bren among the mere mortals"."



The Fine Line Between Genius and Self-destructive Insanity

The maddening process toward relapse and personal destruction:

"I don't wish these things on me. I wish I didn't have them," he said of his illnesses. "So I wish y'all would stop sensationalizing the human frailties of human beings."


Why God chose the Jews

"The trouble is the suffering, the slaughter of innocents and indeed the destruction of entire nations that seems inevitably to follow when anti-Semitism is allowed to spread beyond the cesspool of the mind that contains it."

Why God Chose the Jews

Help Nick Beat Tom

Republican Tom DeLay trails a Democratic challenger for his seat in the House and is viewed favorably by only 28% of those people questioned in a poll of his Houston-area congressional district, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The survey found 30% favored former U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, a Democrat, compared with 22% for DeLay, who has represented the district for 22 years. The two are expected to square off in the November election.

However, DeLay must first defeat three opponents in the Republican primary in March.

Nick Lampson for Texas District 22



Bill Clinton, 1998

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. If 'is' means is and never has been, that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement."

Sam Alito, 2006

"If 'settled' means it can't be reexamined, that's one thing. If 'settled' means it is a precedent entitled to respect as stare decisis, then it is a precedent that is protected and entitled to respect."



"Things are good under the lamp. I wanted to call it Smiley but Molly said that was too easy so we agreed that I would call it Dave. Dave is the name of a friend, you know. Seems like everybody has a friend named Dave. I do."

-Roast Beef


The Last


60 degrees

The last warm day


Well, That Explains It

A "true story" one act play:

ty: sweetie, why are you doing that [putting elbow on me]?

bren: sometimes it's fun to put your elbow on your daddy sometimes.

Today's Big Decision

And an agonizing decision.

3:22 p.m.: fretting for 22 minutes over whether to have Russian Caravan tea or The Mariage Fréres tea. All mate and Japanese tea are at the office.

What's the world coming to? My life is in ruins!

Today's solution is 2/3 Caravan, 1/3 Fréres. King fucking Midas in the house.




"Do whatever it takes."

- Vince Young


Yo, Where Da Rhymes At?

Uh, yes, no poems (thanks for asking though). Saving them for book. Book later this year. Book will have pictures too. Book will be for sale.

Sorry, suckas!

-Heebro Jewfro


Best In Class

Best in class solutions to leverage low hanging fruit.


Uh, shit. It's all the same.


A Chanukkah Story

A one-act play:

Ty (lighting the final of this year's candles): Happy Chanukkah! It's great to be of the world's chosen people (and the rest of you guys are mopes!)!

Anne: Yeah, great...like you needed another reason to feel chosen.

The end.