Ping Pong with Tennis

"Joy and Bliss Versus the Glum Stoicism of Soldiering On"

[competing quotations from recent Cary Tennis' "Since You Asked..." interaction on Salon(dot)Com']



To feel those incredibly strong emotions

Incredibly stupid and immature

Pleasure, love and passion

Unconscionable indulgence

Strong, mutual, unspoken love

To live in one's own private hell

Alive, engaged, connected

Stupid, selfish thing

Full-blown fantasies

Your last first kiss

Love happens, it's true

The emotional part is more devastating

Give me love or more disdain

The hero's quest to protect his own tragic weaknesses of his own imperfect character

Such is life and we can't always control who we fall in love with

Big life choices and defining who you are

What is love, if not embarrassing anyway

You can't help it and you can't deny it