One Dozen Haiku - $3.99

Magic happenings
Forced friction fatalities
Encounters splendid

Graduation peers
Exchanging poetry notes
Or lunch on Wednesdays

Of Chinese takeout
Television dinner tray
Clouds of orange and white

Roaring of dragons
Gasoline and grass cuttings
Boxes from grandma

Perceptions ingrained
Notions systemic of norms
Without reference cues

The sounds from the depths
When the salmon swim upstream
Will drown out rivers

Hands and feet and backs
The parts that equal the wholes
Arranged like photos

Positions of no return
Triplet eighth note birds

Amazing powers
Restraint and disciplined will
Ability thoughts

Pinky chaperone
Potential satisfaction
Blissfully enveloping

The curator’s job
Assist artists find their voice
Then tuck them in bed

When the ending comes
Weighty burdens of dying
Lift like springtime morn