How I Fucked Everything Up (again)!

So, I made some mix adjustments to Track 10. I felt that track was finally finished. That makes 10 of 11 tracks finished of this new record [Called The Modicum of Decorum (The M.O.D) for now].

I burned the tracks to CD (minus the disaster that is Track 7) and took it home to listen later). Later, I grab a portable CD player and The M.O.D and another disc for levels reference. The plan is to listen to this other mass-market CD for a while then listen to The M.O.D to see how levels compare. To know if base levels are too low or weird or whatever. It's something you gotta do.

Here's how I fucked everything up:

The disc I randomly grabbed was Kanye West's new record, "Late Registration." I did notice which disc it was, but figured that since I hadn't listened to much of it yet, it would be a GOOD reference disc. I only bought it (downloaded) because of his stoner rant about our president: "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Anyhow, I was wrong.

I listened to Registration long enough to know that it is one hell of a record. Sonic-wise marvelous and wide and bold and all that shit, right? I still haven't processed it enough, but it might just be a monster. In fact, I got caught up and forgot what the exercise was. Once I remembered, I swapped discs.

Fuck. I was demolished! I thought I had to go back to the drawing board (or the mixing board, seriously). The M.O.D felt so flat and weak and little....I felt it was a complete waste of time.

Oh, but Late Registration is huge. Much wider than nearly anything anyone's ever heard before. I didn't realize this at the time. I grabbed the most wrong reference disc possible. Then again, maybe it was the perfect reference point...something to build upon.

I'm much stupid.