Feedbacks & Backlashes

Feedback & Backlash:

"I think this is the most playful album you've done, and very entertaining...7, very Phillip Glass"

-DW, Massachusetts

[ed. note: But, is it better than Cats? Yeah, busted, the trumpet and tuba chords are very Phil Glass, good catch.]

"I wish you'd stop putting Republicans on your albums (GWB, Arnold). It's such a fucking buzzkill. I know that's your intent, but it's harsh, like Rainy Day, Rain All Day."

-RW, California

[ed. note: All part of the GOP machine, my supple friends.]

//to be continued//

BTW, I had a jonesin' for Doobie Bros. "Black Water." So, I actually bought it on the internets for a buck and listened to it. Good song, great production. That's all. Take me by the hand.