Perfection Through Aging


So, I've just listened to the track "The French Mistake" that I put on the LA Black record. I've listened to it three consecutive times just now.

It's a portion of that Velvet Lounge improv set we did - shot out of our asses in 1998 or so. The one where I borrowed the floor tom from Charlotteville's The French Mistake. This is the same set that TTBOTT's "La Erreur Frances" originates.

Brilliant? Fuck yeah. But, what is amazing is that it is flawless. Truly. Upon listening to it numerous times, and knowing what's around the corner...it makes the fuck sense. What?! It's not that we listened to each other - for about 40 minutes, we were each other.

This was the height of tKoL. Nobody does this. Live? WTF? Not only was it the height, it was way too fucking bold. Who has balls like that? It was hugely ballsy.

And, of anyone on the planet to witness it, it Gabe sitting there waiting for "Gay and Mexican." Not Dan. Not Marcus. Not Big Dave Wave. Not Jamie. Gabe, who couldn't even buy a beer because he didn't have an ID.

It's now my turn - ME - to say: you can't do that; it breaks all the rules!

Life is funny.