Babadoo: Whabad-- What the fuck is that?!

Whabadoo: Well, I got to thinking. Terri had one. John Paul has one. I got me a feeding tube! I hear they'll be all the rage soon. I read that Jennifer Anniston is getting one in her stomach and that Beck has had one out his nose since last November. He even had Thanksgiving dinner through his. So, when you told me about getting all sick and shit, I got to thinking...

Babadoo: You cannot be serious. A feeding tube? Dude, that is so wrong.

Whabadoo: What's so wrong? A friend of mine said they saw Karl Rove with one at a party in Virginia. He was downing Michelob like a motherfucker...

Babadoo: I'm going back to sleep; this is one fucked dream--

Whabadoo: ...and college kids are using theirs to in highly sexual ways.