I'd have to move to Mopetown.
Okay, wouldn't it suck...

So, we know The Election will be a huge deal and very, very close, right?

But, some of us have the balls to sit around guessing that it won't be as close as polling predicts. We're all convinced that Kerry will really crush; resulting in a humiliating Bush tail-between-the-legs defeat. We: the so-called Liberal Intelligensia.

But, what if?

What if the reverse somehow happens? Bush in a Nixonian, Reaganian LANDSLIDE! A fucking mandate!

Wouldn't it suck?!

Once I got out of the psych ward, I'd have to move to Canada, or France...


today's Bethesda graffiti:

"Ku Klux Fag"



Six for six
feel the burn
reel the yearn
letting the addiction of insanity
take the mind and body to places
undesireable yet unavoidable

Time to make contingency plans
because the big brave facade
is starting to crumble
into heaps of fear and remorse
shit yeah I'm really, really scared

If I should survive myself
I would be the luckiest man alive
postponing death for at least another year
so I can really say
looking forward at forty

What do they take us for?
drunk and high on the power of chickenshit
Save the Troops

...for a rainy day
...for target practice
...for political gain
...from themselves
...the pain and suffering
...from the humiliation
...from the president


1) I forgot what goes here.

2) Halloween is the next, new Christmas.

3) I forgot what goes here.


Shallow processing of complexities
Confidence in data-less facts
The WILL as dictated by mysterious higher powers
And the toppling of a keen experiment
After only 228 short years
Six for Seven
Wallowing in cornography
Momentum building upon momentum
Skulls & Bones of
The Idle progeny of the ruling class

A shock treatment imposed
Upon cities aflame
Pink-eyed self-abuser
of various nouns - indiscriminant

Nuns and homosexuals
sharing psychic spaces if not similar gods

Straw for hair
hammer-headed sharks
bobble-head upon racks of pointy bones

[and I don't like what you got me hangin' from]

RED power tie
WHITE crisp shirt
& BLUE pinstripe suit

Shit for phone hanging from your ear
you got a fucking hole in your shoe!
no one alerted you
Lying motherfuckers
It's time to shut 'em down
Symptom relief without surgery
Hit 'em hard ('cuz this is hard work)
Play the blues

So Partisan It's actually quite painful
Ideology entrenched into competing camps:
I Am Right & They Are Wrong
A universe divided
Split into halves and "haves"

Take me by the hand
Lead me to places where care
Doesn't exist anymore
To states united intelligently
Effectively and carefully

The achievement of balances
Across many multi-layered dimensions
Harmony the ultimate destination
A journey fraught with misery
Unimaginable pain and suffering

Lying motherfuckers all


It was Andy Griffith meets Barney Fife