What floor?

Itching like the dope fiend I am

Trying desperately again
to not only find but
dramatically improve upon
the style and sheer perfection
of Zone's past

But you leave psychological
fingerprints anyway


With a Buddhist's detachment from things of this world
The Popes and the Anti-Popes duel for softball supremacy
Americans. Federal. National. State.
Political Correctness: a quaint throwback to the end of the past century
Intellectually immature like a
Miss America for the 21st century
I'm pretty sad about my daughter's broken arm
But as "they" are "always" fond of saying:
This isn't a democracy (no, no-no-no no)


Sometimes it feels like the beginning of the end
A shot of sake like a tug on a joint




...Just like her mom.

And, doesn't really give a damn.

Here's What's News: She got the tough genes.


[Previously Untitled]

Yeah, something like that...

Because I don't want to die
Because I can see through the knots
And because I don't want my brain to explode

Now that the stakes have been raised
To near impossible levels
In the whole world (nothing bothers us)


Two years. It counts.

Six years. It counts.


Living in a different world
Of make believe and reality entertainment
A field recording of a juice box culture
Down twenty or up ten only matters
When you believe in external loci of control

What was the war like, daddy?
Smug, elitist intellectuals
Decapitating all nonsensical thoughts
Through their snooty depictions of
Heightened security times

My crack opposition research on you
Suggests that you are, if not more,
At least as big of a scumbag as me
We poll identically in America
Hearts and (land)minds

Anthropologists will shrug
Historians will cower
The Chinese will laugh
The gods will cry
Life in the Daddy State Global Order
Promises to be a
Somewhat mixed affair

Sellout watch, day 194

The new and improved Company Man
If I could kill myself right now
I would
Love of me deeper than love of all
All that remains is the music in my head
Rippling muscles
And stocking feet

In-appropriate distractions however
Soothe relieve pacify
(lift and separate)

Gang of five...kooks
"Some of these memos may be classified in some ways for some purposes..."


At least Nixon, as a character, was interesting.

And, Brother Ray, by comparison, was a national treasure.