I am sitting on the 2nd floor of the lovely Bethesda Corporate offices right...now (my reference to "here" meant here in lovely corporate Bethesda). Strategizing. Planning. Cognitively playing chess with "the powers." Currently, I am pretty even but on a positive streak. I sometimes feel that I'm a character in 1984 or the film Brazil.

Informal members of the intellectual/progressive underground - IPU - number around a dozen. They include people from Chicago, Cambridge, Bethesda, telecommuters and a couple of very senior people. These are the truth seekers and the problem solvers. I consult with a couple of very long term, former employees ("former" is key because they feel they can tell all) and have willing internal consultants who are wonderful collaborators.

I don't know Dave, but if you say he's a cell, so be it. I am sure there are many. My goal is to create links and working relationships with several. One big success is that Dan and I control a large chunk of the information processing and have input into more.

I think during the Nixon administrations they were called the Plumbers - or the Committee to Re-elect the President.

I was fairly certain our garbage trucks wouldn't make it today given the ice storm. I didn't even take the can out. But, there they were, Donald and Enrique, waving at Brennan* and tooting the horn. They are amazing fellows.

With a little shared vision, we can make great changes. I am sure NSA will interpret this as all some sort of code.