Filthy fingers of newsprint and recycled contaminants
Mind blindingly void of thoughts of merit
Dirty. Everything so post-pristine
Indictments of our inner souls

Of god and money and choices hard
And exclusive of peace intra or extra
When did religion and government incorporate?

One would have predicted (from here)
That clarity and simplicity would prevail
Yet only awe-struck bewilderment at
Self-imposed complexities are evident

Confusion over time is exponential
Experience loads the burden of morality

Logic and history suggest a vicious defeat
Punishment for our collective self-contempt
Even the old guy said it is the end of time
Yet my maso-optimism borders on despair

I lie awake in wonder and anticipation


waiting for the light
donkey and the might
heros in the fight
it all results in night

we waste our lonely need
in pools of wasted seed
the people did not feed
to pad our lives with greed


Found the following note - in 14-point Times New Roman - today:


F.Y.I. The following accounts are negative balance--supplies, ac heat, tv, furniture and fixtures, light bulbs