Yep. That IS interesting stuff. "The journey" is always fabulously interesting.
Global stuff is great, but so is the US spectrum of "journey."

Whether it is the original or subsequent populating of the continent or the migration forks - south to north - of the Mexicans or former slave blacks.

Then, there are the personal journeys. Nepal to Chicago; Los Angeles to Gaithersburg.

The Journey.
epiphanies over manhattan
boston deserted save cabbies and runners
spring on the river charles

3-D models and the grids of brooklyn...queens
and the spilled coffee on my feet
i discovered the beauty of this swamp

how do you fly this damn thing


Klein broke half the rules of photography and ignored the other half, and when he first published his pictures, he offended nearly everyone.
Yeah, I know I have tables due. Tables. Appendicies. Data.

But, I got stuck on the Tori Spelling website. Then, it was a natural progression to Jennie Garth. Then Peter Facinelli.

God, I do hate myself.


Losing your home
Like losing your mind
Leaves the memory damaged
Recall analogous to silvery colanders

Images roughly similar
But surprisingly different
The way illuminated
Like dreams

The homeless mayor
Of cities past and present
Lost and anonymous
Amid successors anew

Going back is never an option