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Hungry. Cold. Eyes hurt. So this is the 21st century.

Bs, Ls & As
A good day for all three
If you take care of your feet
your feet will
take care of you, they say
To the hilt dressed
for success implied
or offered or as expected

War & terror
Congo & Zaire
as carefree as love & lust
on a seven hour drive
to the black market money changers

A woman's woollen cape
of navy and striped of gold
tiny mirrors adorn miniature tic-tac-toe boards
and all I can think about is
selfish, savage, sensual

It will all get better though
As soon as the river comes back
Until then there is nothing to do -
- except wait
and eat our bitter root mush

No snakes no game
but rats galore
A month out with kids
back home with plenty to eat

And from the front she looks tough
and funny and all together
But her profile reveals her sad
and lonely inner-self

Look under the tiny little mirrors

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